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For some of you, a journey to a new place looks very likely! Being with friends is what you need right now; they will keep your mood levels up. Doing a good deed for the day will make you feel even better!

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What you need to do is indulge in something that you enjoy; shopping at the mall for a new look would definitely increase your confidence. Your imagination will be hard at work as you crave a little bit of escapism from real life.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Doing something that uses your artistic skills will help: something that involves music would be ideal. Plan a day out with friends at a health spa for a long overdue pampering session, and then round of the day with a fun and entertaining evening. Trying your hand at a pottery class might not only satisfy your current needs but might also provide you with a new interest. Try not to lash out with scathing sarcasm, because you could easily turn things round to have some very positive outcomes.

Aries: December

Your practice with money and your attitude to work or school can be improved with some forward thinking, since there is so much potential for success out there, if only you tap into it! This is thanks to the planets, because at the moment you need to build up your flagging self esteem.

The best way for you to do that is by having fun with your friends or your partner and forgetting about work or school. Try tackling all three and really keep yourself busy.

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Get yourself down the mall and buy some weird and off the wall accessories, and then arrange an evening of tarot reading for your friends. This can easily be achieved by channeling your energies into a creative pastime that will fire your interest enough to lure you back into the real world. However it might be that you will overdo it at times because you will be accident prone at times. The planets are certainly smiling on Pharell right now and there are suggestions that a number of significant awards could be coming his way in the next few months!

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Your Daily Horoscope For December 27,

Whether you go ahead or not is your choice, but it may be worth looking at the possible consequences before you make a start. From your solar chart it looks as if you are entering the realms of imagination and mystery which take you further into your dreams than ever before. Watch out for confusion in the so-called real world and take care at work, but enjoy your fantasies. It is artistic Virgos who are best fitted to survive the week — and find the success you all deserve. There are a hundred and one ways to develop your untapped creative potential, so get on with it!

It is impossible to tell whether it is home and family life or professional and worldly ambitions which require the most attention. All that is certain is that twenty-six hours in the day are not sufficient to deal with all that you have on your plate. Whatever you do, select an adventurous path. In some strange way an overseas connection, perhaps from the past, is about to acquire an increasing significance. Perhaps the world will come knocking at your door.

First, you must realise that your actions will have a profound effect on other people. Second, there may be some developments which lie ultimately outside your control. For the fourth day running you can benefit from inspired planetary alignments but you may also be somewhat muddled, if only because new options are opening up.